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Sung II Hwan spent a decade in a dungeon before the main plot. Years later, the Rulers chose Sung II Hwan as the one to kill the Shadow Monarchs. Hwan's physical strength stunned the A-Rank Hunters when he was attacked while searching for Jinwoo. The knife's reputation as a tough and loyal tool is reinforced by its deep pocket clip, hardened carbide and glass breaker.

The right lighting can do wonders for the display of your katana. Ambient hanzo katana lighting is a great way to highlight intricate details on the blade. Spotlighting creates a dramatic look that highlights the texture and curve of the tsuka. Try different lighting angles until you find the right illumination to bring your katana alive.

According to Malcolm Moore, a man in China went for a walk around his hometown and suddenly his head felt heavy and strange.

The katana's blade is curved and slim. It can be shaped differently, called the zukuri. However, its curvature is always maintained.

Blade Length : A short blade with a length greater than 12in (30cm), or 1 shaku, and less than 60cm (24in), or 2 shaku.

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The legendary Guan Yu from the Three Kingdoms Period was the inspiration for the naming of the guandao. The name first appeared in Ming text during the 16th century, and is now the most common name for this weapon. It has had many alternative names over the years.

Backswords are another type of sword that is primarily European. This category includes claymores cutlasses, and basket-hilted blades. These swords have a single-edged blade with a thicker back that helps support it. These swords have similar hilts to the rapier because they were used by European cavalry and specifically Scottish clans.

The scabbard is a protective cover that protects the blade. It's often made to match the dimensions of the blade for ease in sheathing and unsheathing. A scabbard is a delicate piece of work, since it serves as both a protective cover and a decorative item for the sword.

They are used to keep the katana handles together. However, they also give the sword more stability and balance. Additionally, the decorative piece can be inlaid using precious metals such as copper or gold to match the theme of the blade.

Tri-Adlocking system is almost fail-proof

There have been many imitations of Buck knives, but few can match the original Model 110.

Colors and patterns of formal clothing can have deep meanings. They often represent the clan, achievements and status of a samurai.

This version of Junglas comes with a durable Kydex sheath, a paracord and an adjustable tensioner to personalize.

Just by looking at it, you can tell that this is a badass blade. You won't have to spend a fortune, but you will be envied by both beginners and experts.